Driven by the quest to help everyday coffee drinkers save money and create fantastic coffee at home, we know that great espresso isn’t reserved for cafes with expensive espresso machines, or by paying someone to make your favourite coffee for you.

In fact, we believe that nobody makes better coffee than you!

Too many times we’ve been left disappointed at the cafe after paying too much for a hurriedly made, terrible tasting latte as more and more customers rush in placing orders.  

So in 2016, Alan and I combined our experience in product design, engineering and making coffee to support coffee lovers as best we could - with a beautiful, manual espresso maker anyone can use, no matter the size of their space or level of experience.

Still located in Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand, we’re proud to continue supplying espresso enthusiasts globally with the tools and a plan to stop wasting money on poorly made coffee and to start relaxing with amazing coffee made confidently at home.

Our workshop

Your Newton is proudly crafted and assembled in Hawke's Bay, New Zealand. We love the fact that coffee brings people together, and we're chuffed every time we send a Newton out the door knowing it's off to a good home. 

Meet the team

Hayden Maunsell

Beginning his working life as a refrigeration engineer, Hayden quickly discovered a passion for product design.

While studying towards a Master of Art & Design, Hayden worked with (now business partner) Alan as a workshop technician at the local design school. It's here, in 2015, that the first espresso maker was made.

Hayden has also worked as an Industrial Designer for two large manufacturing companies in Hawke’s Bay until recently when he decided to move to Newton Espresso full-time.

Alan Neilson

Alan started his career as a toolmaker. He honed his engineering skills making and designing mechanical products (bicycles and lawnmowers) for a large manufacturing company in Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand.

After settling down with a family, Alan shifted his focus from engineering to a handcraft movement by accepting a Head Technician role for the local Art & Design school - a role he held for 30 years.

Alan’s technical engineering experience pairs beautifully with his skills as a genuine craftsman making the Newton products a real work of art.

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