How easy is the Newton BRUA to use?

The BRUA has been designed with simplicity in mind, both in appearance and in functionality.

The workflow of the BRUA has been specifically engineered to eliminate unnecessary disassembly for filling the brew chamber. Preheating the BRUA is as simple as pouring hot water!


Is the handle difficult to press?

To extract espresso coffee requires about 9bar of pressure and the Newton BRUA is capable of generating more than this.

Being a manual device, achieving 9bar will be vary between users. Some people may find this difficult the first few times, while others will achieve 9bar easily.

If you find the handle is difficult to press, try using a coarser coffee grind setting to make extraction easier.


Do I need to achieve 9bar of pressure for espresso coffee.

To make espresso coffee requires approximately 9bar pressure during the extraction process, but the BRUA will continue to make great tasting coffee at pressures lower than this! 


How do you clean the Newton BRUA?

Due to the simplicity of the design of the BRUA, cleaning is very easy. Simply wipe down the stand, cylinder body, basket holder and basket with a damp cloth.

To clean the internal parts of the machine, remove the seal above the internal thread, take out the specially designed water screen, and wipe with a damp cloth.

Cleaning the internal parts of your Newton BRUA is not often necessary. During the preheating process any loose coffee grinds are flushed out keeping the BRUA clean and maintenance free.