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Hybrid Coffee Grinder

Rechargeable USB coffee grinder

A better way to grind coffee

  • Stop wasting energy
  • Improve grind consistency
  • Always be ready to grind
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Smart feature

Auto power off

Automatically switches off after grinding the last bean so you can keep grinding longer.

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USB-C rechargeable

Battery indicator

The LED indicator lets you know exactly how much battery charge you have left.

When power runs low, simply charge it with the USB-C charging cable supplied.

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Manual Lever-press Espresso

Leran how you can love your coffee and the process of making it at home.

Brew Articles

3 SIMPLE STEPS make fantastic coffee at home.

Newton Espresso Brua Coffee Maker

Grind 15-18 grams of your favourite freshly roasted coffee beans. Fill the coffee basket and tamp the grinds using a Newton Tamper.

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Newton Espresso Brua Coffee Maker 3 easy steps

Preheat the brew-chamber, prepare the grinds, attach the basket and holder and fill the BRUA with hot water.

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Newton Espresso Brua Coffee Maker Step 3 Process

Lift the handle to allow the water into the cylinder and apply firm pressure to start extraction. 

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