Newton Christmas Bundle - The ultimate coffee accessories gift box


‘Tis the season, the season to drink great coffee. Ok, so that's all year round if you’re a coffee lover like us here at Team Newton.

However, ‘tis the season to give great gifts to that special coffee lover in your life, or some great coffee stuff for yourself (pro tip, disguise it as a family present and you can have the coffee tools of your dreams!).


Plan view of hands holding a Newton Espresso Christmas gift box present


We are taking a little break from our regular programming, on how to level up your espresso. Today we are talking about the gift box bundle from Newton Espresso, what's inside, how the package works and how each item helps you make great coffee.

The “Christmas Bundle” has been designed to be customisable to suit the needs of yourself or your coffee loving friends & fam. You can choose from 58mm or 51mm accessories, depending on the machine they have and also on the type of grinder or tamp included, plus their is a bunch of key accessories, that will have them making better coffee in no time (especially paired with our past articles, teaching you how to use them all to their full potential).

Let's get down to business, explain your options, everything that's included and why.

The Options…

51mm & 58mm options.

Not all coffee lovers are lucky enough to own a BRUA, well some are lucky enough to own a BRUA and a classic E61 machine or similar. Here at Newton HQ, we like to help everyone make great coffee, that's why we offer our tamp, dosing funnel, paper filters and puck screen in both 51mm size and 58mm. Simply pick what suits when ordering the bundle. If you don't know what size to order, simply reach out and we will do our best to help.

Coffee tamper being used to tamp coffee grinds



Depending on if they already have a WDT tool or not we have two options for you. The standard, OG, Wooden Handle Tamper. Classic for a reason, this is simply a high quality tamper any coffee enthusiast will love to use for years and years to come. Comfortable, easy to hold, giving you great control over your tamping, a key to great espresso!

If your coffee loving friend doesn't already have a WDT tool or they are looking to class up their espresso bar, then our tamper with built in WDT is the way to go! Simply put, this tamp has a WDT tool neatly concealed in the handle. The ultimate convenience and improvement to the coffee puck prep routine. The tamp has the same quality base as the wooden tamper, perfectly suited to fit the coffee basket.

If you don't know what WDT is or how it affects espresso, we wrote a whole thing on it under the articles tab on our website, but here's a quick summary, or find it here.

WDT tools, have small needles that break up clumps when you stir the coffee bed and move the grinds around to effectively distribute the grinds for even extraction and tasty consistent coffee.

Who wouldn't want that, right?

Coffee grinder on bench top


If your coffee loving friend is in need of a quality grinder, we have two great options to choose from. Both provide some seriously good quality grinds and great cups of coffee.


Newton espresso manual coffee grinder


The manual coffee grinder gives you the ability to produce quality grinds. This classic hand grinder is equipped with 48mm 6 core conical titanium coated burrs and a stabilised shaft with bearings, keeping it smooth and consistent. If that sounds all too techy for you, it means it provides grind quality way above its price point.


Hybrid coffee grinder with crank handle attached


The Hybrid grinder is one of my favourite coffee tools to come on the market in a long time. It looks great and works even better. This piece of kit comes everywhere with me and if I didn't already own one, it would be top of my Christmas list!

Designed to operate at low RPM to increase grind size consistency, this USB rechargeable grinder is a luxury for any espresso lover, especially those who travel or camp and bring coffee along. As well as the powered motor, it has a hand crank just in case, and quality titanium coated burrs set and a bearing-assisted stabilised shaft too. I love this grinder for both espresso and pour-over, making it one of the most versatile gifts to give a coffee lover.

We always recommend grinding your coffee fresh for immediate use, this is one of the keys to great coffee, along with being able to adjust the grind size and dial in perfectly for the coffee you are using. This makes a quality grinder one of the most important tools, and therefore best gifts to give this Christmas.

Down to the accessories that come in every bundle. We have kept the big items above optional in our gift bundle. In case you are just looking for a smaller gift or are already equipped with a tamp and grinder. The rest of the kit will help make the whole coffee making experience smoother and more enjoyable. It's the perfect little bundle for any coffee lover.


The Key Accessories…

Microfibre Barista Cloth

Newton Espresso Microfibre Barista Cloth


Cleanliness is next to godliness, or so the saying goes. This couldn't be more true for your coffee workflow, keep your equipment and area clean. This cloth gives you a dedicated cleaning cloth to wipe out baskets and your equipment without dirtying up the kitchen tea towel.

Espresso Paper Filters

Newton Espresso Paper Filters


These are a game changer! You want the best coffee possible? The sweetest most consistent shots with the most easy cleanup? Simple, start using paper filters! We aren't going to go into why or how these work here, we covered all of this recently in our articles section (here) for you to check out. It's a deep dive but one worth reading.

Just remember using a paper filter will no doubt make you tastier coffee!

Coffee Distribution/Leveller

Newton Espresso coffee distributor

These handy tools make even the most untrained barista look like a pro. Taking out the inconsistencies of distribution, these tools will keep your coffee bed even and flat before tamping. They are quick to use without a learning curve and will have you drinking better coffee, straight out of the gate. That's a win in our eyes, your coffee-loving friends will be thanking you with a fresh cup of coffee in no time.

Dosing Funnel

Newton Espresso Dosing Funnel


There is nothing more annoying than spilling your coffee grinds, when pouring them into the basket. The dosing funnel is here to save the day! In a nutshell, it makes transfering the grinds from the grinder to the coffee basket quick, effortless and tidy. Not only does it make dosing the grinds easy, it is the perfect partner to the WDT tool. Letting you stir up those grinds properly without spilling them outside the basket.

Puck Screen

Newton Espresso Puck Screen


We love puck screens here at team Newton! We carried out loads of tests and found that the consistency of our shots went up when using the puck screens.

As we mentioned in our previous article on this (here): “To put it simply, we didn't get better tasting shots, but more of those tasty shots. It's all about controlling the variables and increasing our consistency.”

On top of that, it helps keep your equipment super clean, honestly that is one of the biggest variables to tasty coffee, regardless what kind of machine you use. Luckily the BRUA’s brew chamber design is fast becoming known for staying clean!

So whether it's a gift for yourself, your family, or friends, this bundle is perfect. Make it a big gift and include a new grinder and/or tamp, or keep it simple with the key accessories.


Holding a manual coffee grinder in front of a coffee accessory gift box


Keep an eye out for our next post, including some seriously cool drinks for the festive season.

From Lars and all of us here at Team Newton,

Happy Holidays, stay safe and make great coffee.

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