Preheating the BRUA using the Speed Preheat Method


We all know there’s no better feeling than pulling that magical espresso shot on a manual espresso machine. 

But to consistently achieve fantastic coffee everyday requires a simple repeatable workflow. One key process in that workflow is called preheating.

Water dripping from espresso machine

In our previous blog post we covered the “Traditional Preheating Method” for the BRUA where the basic premise of this method requires the user to fill the brew chamber with boiling water, let it sit, empty the chamber and repeat the process a number of times.

The article also looked at why it was important to preheat and how to achieve optimum preheat temperatures using the traditional preheat method. 
If you haven’t already, you can read the article “Preheating the BRUA for Manual Espresso - Traditional Method” here.

In this post, however, we are going to cover the Speed Preheat Method.

Speed preheating achieves the same results as the traditional method, but it can speed up the workflow for those who want to get moving fast and create a more seamless workflow. 

Following these key steps will have you brewing at the perfect temps for your espresso roast. So let’s go!


  1. Press the handle down, remove the basket and place your cup underneath the brew chamber.
  2. Lift the lever upwards 25mm (1 inch) and fill the chamber with boiling water
  3. As water runs through the brew chamber and into the cup below, keep the brew chamber full by continuing to pour boiling water into the brew chamber at the same rate as it empties until the cup is filled.
  4. Press the lever down to the lowest position, keep the brew chamber filled with boiling water, remove and empty the cup.
  5. While water remains in the brew chamber, complete your puck prep and tamp.
  6. Express water in the brew chamber, return the handle in the downward position and replace the warmed cup under the brew chamber.
  7. Replace basket (with coffee)
  8. Fill the chamber with fresh boiled water and start pulling your espresso immediately.

For best preheating results, use boiling water with the BRUA. 

Thermocouple attached to espresso maker showing 86 degrees celcius

For simplicity and consistency, the BRUA's design works by pulling the heat from water. In fact, the brew chamber exterior surface can reach upwards of 85degC and the internal surface upwards of 95degC - so be cautious when handling!

The Speed Preheating Method can save you both time and boiled water.

By utilising a constant flow of boiling water through the brew chamber, the cylinder body can absorb heat much faster than the traditional method of fill, let sit, empty, repeat.

Give it a go with your own BRUA and enjoy using this new preheat method in your daily workflow as you make great coffee at home!

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