Manual Coffee Grinder - Newton Espresso
Manual Coffee Grinder - Newton Espresso
Manual Coffee Grinder - Newton Espresso
Manual Coffee Grinder - Newton Espresso

Manual Coffee Grinder

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Grind your favourite coffee beans with ease and precision.

Our manual coffee grinder features large conical burrs for fast grinding, internal bearings for smooth and easy handle rotation, and a large 35-gram capacity (large enough for two), so you can craft the perfect espresso every time. Enjoy the control and satisfaction of having coffee made just the way you like it!


48mm (6 core) Titanium coated, stainless steel burrs
Product dimensions: 165mm x 57mm
Capacity: 35 grams
Multi-step adjustment for grinding coarse or extra fine (espresso)
Quality shaft bearings provide extra smooth handle rotation

        In the box

        Grinder body
        Handle & lid
        Instruction manual

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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 2 reviews
        Ben Wyness
        Still much learning to go

        Hi there,
        Using the Brua has really opened my eyes to the subtleties of the many variables involved in producing a great expresso.
        So far I have only pulled a few exceptional shots, and many disposable ones!
        If you can recommend any good websites or forums for "hand lever expresso making" that would be appreciated.
        I have been able to position my cellphone to video the extractions and this is really helping understand where things are going right or wrong. For instance if I see holes in the basket without fluid extracting through them this tells me something is wrong - but is it that I need a coarser grind?, better distribution technique?, less tamping pressure?, longer pre-infusion? etc. Anyway, so far it's been a challenge with lots of tinkering and note taking but I'm enjoying the learning process. There's a real satisfaction in getting that perfect shot, and I plan to make it repeatable!

        Brett Deters
        Fantastic performance at a great price point

        I am genuinely impressed with this grinder. It looks fantastic on the coffee bar and feels so solid and high quality. Grinding for me has been smooth, easy, and quicker than expected. Most importantly it is extremely consistent which produces uniform coffee with minimal variability in grind size. I have a great electric grinder and I’ve been really surprised how often I opt for the manual over it. It was a GREAT buy, so thrilled with it. Highly highly recommend. Just one thing to add is if you plan to use it for filter coffee too then you may have to go beyond the 28 clicks mentioned in the instruction booklet. Newton is the best company with the best people so I’m always happy to give them my business, and I also never regret it. Go get this grinder.